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Solving Big Problems by Delivering Small Packages


Does your business need courteous, cost-effective, and earth-friendly local delivery?

Does your business require delivery of high volumes of lightweight packages (under 5 pounds each) near your place of business? Are you looking to preserve both money and the environment while you grow your sales?

Consider Packages On Time for your delivery needs. We will help streamline your operations, saving you time, money and headache, while cheerfully delivering your packages in earth-friendly, electric vehicles.

By partnering with motivated delivery employees, we can save local businesses money over FedEx, UPS, USPS, and other delivery options. If your business needs 20 or more small packages (non-perishable items only, no food or groceries) delivered each day in your local area, contact us.

Delivering high volumes of small boxes and bags is our specialty.


Are you a courteous person and good driver who wants to deliver packages locally as our employee?

Do you have a U.S. driver’s license and clean driving record? Can you pass a rigorous vetting process and background check? Are you a responsible, kind person?

Consider joining Packages On Time as as an employee. You will deliver high volumes of  small packages (under 5 pounds each) near your home. You will be paid the minimum wage for your area plus any tips you may receive. You will receive a 401k account and up to 2% of your salary in a company match contribution each year.

As an employee, you supply the motivation and great work ethic. You bring a positive, grateful attitude to every situation. You solve issues rather than escalate them. You serve people with kindness.

Packages On Time promises to honor your good service and appreciate your value.

We supply you with a highly efficient, electric vehicle, logistics and tracking software, and fulfilling work.

What We Do

We partner with businesses that need high volumes of small packages delivered locally on the same or next day.


Our Business

We efficiently deliver small, low-weight packages for businesses that need high-volume, local delivery services. We select employees and delivery vehicles to ensure the most secure, earth-friendly, and cost-efficient delivery services possible.


Packages On Time delivers to our clients exactly what our name says. We deliver your packages to your customers on time and with exquisite service.

Sign-up Process

Clients use our website (or app) to sign up for delivery services. Our specialists call to confirm your needs and finalize terms and contractual obligations for each party.

Our Mission

Customers want to save money. Employees want to be appreciated and be paid fairly.

Packages On Time ensures that our employees, our clients and their customers, and the company can all benefit in the most earth-friendly way possible. Our mission is to help everyone win.


We utilize state-of-the-art logistics and tracking software to lower costs, verify on-time delivery, and improve the experience of our employees and the service of your business and customers.


Our Vehicles

We work with transportation partners to ensure we utilize the most efficient, long-range electric vehicles available.

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Why we are different

Through lean management practices, state-of-the-art logistics and tracking software, and efficient, electric delivery vehicles, Packages On Time  saves money for clients, creates safe, good-paying jobs for employees, and reduces environmental impact.

By emphasizing efficiency and kindness, Packages On Time helps every party succeed in a sustainable, earth-friendly, human-friendly manner.

  • Employee driven – 100%
  • Cost conscious – 100%
  • Lean management – 100%
  • Earth-friendly – 100%


We partner with our business clients and our employees every step of the way to ensure success for all.

Businesses can lower expenses, simplify operations, and reduce their carbon footprint by working with us.

Employees delivering exquisite Packages On Time service can provide for their families, work close to home, and secure better futures for themselves.

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Current Locations

We are currently seeking local delivery business clients and employees in the greater Los Angeles, CA area. More delivery territories, including Vancouver, BC, Canada are coming soon.

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Our job is to make sure everyone succeeds and everyone benefits.

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Packages On Time is a Bionic Ventures LLC company.